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One day in Paris – Egy nap Párizsban

17th August 2014, Sunday
10:00 AM   Departure from Budapest

18th August 2014, Monday
10:00 AM   Arrival in Paris – Delay due to the traffic jam on Austrian and German motorways.

10:40 AM   Accommodation occupied – Hotel Campanile Paris Sud – Porte D’Italie – We could highly recommend the hotel especially with breakfast.

11:20 AM   Metro daily tickets purchased – Lovely cashier gave us a map, here you can see it with our targets marked.

11:45 AM   Panthéon – Under renovation.

12:30 PM   Eiffel Tower – Long lines, lift out of service, top closed.

02:30 PM   Eiffel Tower – Checking in, lift operates, top opened.

04:30 PM   Louvre – Searching for Mona Lisa.

05:00 PM   Louvre – Taking photo of Mona Lisa.

06:00 PM   Louvre – Closure (Pay desk closes at 05:00 PM).

06:30 PM   Les Invalides – Pay desk closed at 06:30 PM (Closure at 07:00 PM).

07:20 PM   Notre Dame – Closed at 06:45 PM.

08:15 PM   Gare du Nord

08:40 PM   Chocolate shop – Maison Georges Larnicol Paris Montmartre

08:50 PM   Sacré-Cœur

10:00 PM   Arch of Triumph

11:10 PM   Eiffel Tower

12:20 AM   Hotel

Paris (F)

“Beautiful & colorful” “Szép & színes”

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